Our Experience and Qualifications

Mishawaka home inspectionsMy background in construction started at a young age. My family was in the construction business since 1956. From early on I was taught to work hard, be onest, and to know your trade like the back of your hand. At an early age I started to do concrete work, excavating and asphalt driveways, roads, and parking lots. These were the building blocks of who I am today. Even after working with my family, buildings were a big part of my life and I continued on in the construction field, accumulating over 30 years of construction experience in almost every trad imaginable.

Commercial Building Experience

I really wanted to expand my horizons, and so I started off in the commercial construction industry as well. Commercial properties I have worked on include The College Football Hall Of Fame that use to be here in South Bend but since move to another State, I have worked on the Menard Stores, Wendy’s restaurants, Burger Kings, McDonalds, Dairy Queen’s, and more. I have also erected asphalt plants and enjoyed running  heavy equipment! During that time I also worked designing homes and drawing blue prints for houses as well.


Mishawaka home inspectorsI have a degree in electronic technology (division of applied science). As a home inspector, I attended AHIT for my formal training to be a home inspector and now keeping my education going thru InterNACHI!  I was also operations manager of the family business and a construction estimator. And when I took my test to become a home inspector I took the national exam, not just the state exam. So I have a national certification that many home inspectors aspire to have, but few achieve.

Our Inspection Services

  • Home inspections
  • Commercial property inspections
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Multi unit properties
  • Mold inspections
  • Air quality testing
  • Roof inspections
  • New construction over see it inspections
  • Log homes
  • Mobile and modular home inspection