If you are looking at a home that you are thinking of buying, it’s important not to disregard the condition and various features of the interior walls.  By taking a closer look, you could notice potential concerns along with features that could add a lot of value to the house.

To begin with, it is good to know the way the walls are constructed, which are usually constructed with two-by-four wooden frames and covered with drywall, although older houses may be covered with plaster.

Different trimming may also be used on the wall like wainscoting, or crown molding.  Baseboards are not considered custom trimming so they should be consistent throughout each house you look at.  Paint or another type of wall covering is usually easy to identify, but what about wallpaper that has been painted over?  That could add a lot when it comes to remodeling costs.  Some walls could be covered with a popcorn wall texture, which in some cases, can contain asbestos which would also add a big remodeling cost.

One potential red flag that you could catch by inspecting the walls is if any work or changes have been made to the walls.  The reasons why walls could have been worked on are a water leak from a pipe within the wall or flood at some point in time.

By inspecting the walls and getting a closer look some additional costs and red flags can be avoided.