Are you living in an older home? Do you wonder if lead could be present in it? We have all heard about how bad lead exposure is to health, especially for babies and small children. Should you be concerned? If lead is found in your home, how big of a problem is it?


If your home was built about 40 yrs ago or more, then it was most likely painted with lead paint. Lead piping was also used in old construction; therefore, you could have lead piping in your homes plumbing system. If you have any old furniture, there is a possibility it also contains lead.


When is it a problem?


A big concern is lead dust and lead paint chips. As paint is knocked and scratched or even sanded, this creates dust, which settles everywhere. When this dust is from lead paint, it becomes a hazard, when everyone touches this dust and breathes it in. Children are particularly vulnerable.


If lead paint is in great condition, it will not present too much of a problem. But, as paint begins to wear, it will start to chip and peel. This is when it needs to be taken care of.


Another problem that is, perhaps, not thought about as much, is the danger of treading in soil contaminated with lead. This is easily transported on shoes and boots.


So, we can see from this brief consideration that lead can present a problem in older homes, and care must be taken. In the next blog, we will discuss some of the ways you can avoid being exposed to lead in the home.