One area where we see a common problem is the bathroom ceiling.  While we conduct our inspection it’s something that we always look for, what is it?

We look for stains around the bath fan on the ceiling.  This could be a sign that there is a leaky roof but it’s usually a problem of condensation on the fan duct.  This could be causing damage to the drywall in the ceiling and also to the fan motor.  When it gets cold outside there is a big difference from the temperature that is outside then the warm, moist environment that exists in the bathroom.  Because of this difference, condensation will start to form and form drip and pooling along the fan and vent.  The reason could be due to loose insulation, or maybe the bathroom has to dry out more and by running the fan it can accomplish that.  With that said sometimes the duct isn’t even insulated, or it could be that the extraction system could have a default in some way.

If you notice this problem in your current house or a home that you are considering buying, don’t hesitate to call us, as we could identify and zero in on the cause.  This problem could be a costly one or just a simple fix, but we can help you to distinguish the difference.