This question could be on your mind since moss is something that usually grows under moist conditions and in a spot on your roof that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. Trees shading areas of a home is a common area to see moss on the roof. However, the topic of whether the moss on a roof should or shouldn’t be removed is a debated subject, and it’s important to know what damage the moss is actually causing. We discussed in our last post the damage that improper and reckless cleaning of a roof could lead to, but how do you know if the moss is actually causing harm?

To start off, notice where the moss is located. Is it blocking drainage points like gutters and downspouts? Is it actually growing in the gutters and on the roof? If this is the case, the moss would be stopping your gutters from working properly which could lead to damage to your roof, it could also lead to structural problems in your house.

Another factor to consider is the type of roof shingles and the structure of the roof. If roof shingles are stone or clay, it’s possible any green growth is not causing any damage at all and could actually be aesthetically pleasing for some. On the other hand, Something you would want to make sure of is the possibility that the moisture from the moss is rotting either the shingles or the roof structure.

If moss is causing damage to your roof or not, probably would require a closer look from a professional, and we would be happy to help.